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Dental Crowns

At Aspire Implant Dentistry Center, we can strengthen while helping you retain your natural tooth using a Dental Crown. Serving as a shield, crowns are placed as a cap over the top of the natural tooth structure, or dental implant, providing strength, restoring the shape of the tooth, and restore full function for the tooth. Dr. DiCesare can help you achieve the look and function you want.

Crown information

Working as a cover for a tooth, crowns work as a shield and are sometimes referred to as caps. They protect a tooth that has had its structure compromised from large amounts of decay, a root canal procedure, or fracture. Dr. DiCesare has a variety of materials that he is able to offer his patients, they can give you the look, feel and color of your own natural teeth. He is happy to discuss crowns in porcelain, metal, ceramic, and zirconia materials. With guidance from Dr. DiCesare, the patient can decide what material is best for the placement, position and cost of the situation.

When would a crown be right for me?

A consultation with Dr. DiCesare is always best when determining what restorative care is needed, however, we generally recommend dental crowns when:

•  a tooth is fractured or broken.
•  the severity of decay has compromised the tooth.
•  depending on the positioning, when a tooth has had a root canal.
•  the tooth has suffered an impact injury resulting in small fractures allowing bacteria a place to travel.
•  a dental implant has been placed.

At Aspire Dental, we use crowns to improve your natural tooth function when it has lost stability. Dental Crowns can improve your alignment, the look of your facial shape and the ability to chew, talk, and even smile. Crowns are a durable, long lasting, option that will allow you to retain your tooth’s natural roots. Or, they can also be used on top of a dental implant - which is an implanted root system surgically placed by Dr. DiCesare.

Dental Crown Placement

At Aspire Implant Dentistry Center, we assist our patients in creating a customized crown that will fit the exact shape needed for your mouth. This will be done in at least two appointments. The first appointment is to prepare the site to receive the crown. Included in this appointment is the creation of an impression of your mouth. While the mold is sent off to a dental laboratory, a temporary crown will be placed until the permanent one is ready. Once we receive the crown, an appointment will be scheduled for placement. Dr. DiCesare will ensure the fit of your new crown, the area will be cleaned, and the crown will be cemented into place. At your future dental checkups, Dr. DiCesare will check the strength of the bond and how it is adhered.

Crown Care

Your new dental crown is very durable and should last for several years, but the longevity can depend on how well you take care of it. As always, regular brushing and flossing, is recommended and will decrease the risk of bacterial growth around or under the crown. We also recommend being cautious of what goes into your mouth, don't chew on ice, or your fingernails, and take foods into consideration to avoid breakage. By caring for your crown, you can extend its life.
We are happy to discuss dental crowns with you, for more information on dental crowns, both for teeth and for dental implants, and other restorative dental work, contact Anthony DiCesare, DDS, at our Toms River, NJ office. (732) 994-6700
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